DJ Lighting for Weddings and Events

DJ lighting that I take to any Wedding or Event is as important as the music I play. As a professional Wedding DJ and Event DJ, music is of course what I do. I’m dedicated to improving every aspect of my DJ business. This includes how everything looks such as the DJ lighting and how it all works together. The correct lighting sets the mood for the occasion and really helps make events and moments special.

Over 25 years of my DJ career I’ve learnt a lot about what type of lighting works well at what type of event. For example, a corporate event I use Up Lighting placed around the edges of the room and set to matched the corporate colours.

How It All Works

Every Event DJ or Wedding DJ usually has some type of lighting on or around their DJ booth. As with everything, DJ lighting can be really cheap from as little as £20 -£30 or many £1000s per light. The cheap lights are basically ‘plug & play’, meaning they just do their own thing when switched on. They never really look very good just throwing out coloured dots randomly throughout the room. However, more expensive, better quality lighting is controlled by a system called DMX (Digital Multiplex). This system allows various types of software to control lighting and helps create a much better and much more effective lighting show.

The National Association of DJs (NADJ) recently held a training workshop for it’s members about DJ lighting and its effective use. The workshop was based around the different types of DMX software that control the individual lights. A DJ (and NADJ member) gave a presentation and demonstration of the DMX software Light Rider. He demonstrated its pros and cons and showed the workshop how to set it up and operate it.

I myself use another type of DMX software called Chromateq Pro DMX for which I gave a brief overview. I also demonstrated some of the lighting shows I use to help create effective and memorable moments at Weddings & Events.

It was a really great night chatting with friends and colleagues and learning new things about DJ lighting. I’m looking forward to implementing the knowledge I gained from the workshop into Sphere Entertainments shows.

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