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You’ve booked your Sphere Entertainments DJ, now why not enhance your experience with some of our Fantastic Enhancements.

Fantastic Enhancements - Mood Up Lighting

Mood Up Lighting

Fantastic Enhancements - Starlit Dance Floor Hire

Starlit Dance Floors

Fantastic Enhancements - 4ft LOVE Letter Hire

Giant LOVE Letters

Fantastic Enhancements - Selfie Wizard Selfie

Selfie Wizard

Fantastic Enhancements - Starlit Backdrop

Starlit Backdrops

Fantastic Enhancements - Tomfoolery Fun

Tomfoolery Box

Fantastic Enhancements - Dancing on the Clouds

Dancing on the Clouds

Fantastic Enhancements - First Dance Mix

Custom Music Mix

Fantastic Enhancements - Monograms

Mirror Ball

Fantastic Enhancements - Wedding Ceremony Microphone Hire

Ceremony Microphones

Fantastic Enhancements - Custom Monogram


Mood Up Lighting

Transform your venue or event space with spectacular Mood Up Lighting.

Fantastic Enhancements at Woodlands Park Hotel | Up Lighting

We had the Up Lighting as part of our package and it really made the evening feel like a proper party (alongside great music!) – Rob & Sarah

Achieve your desired atmosphere with a subtle wash of colour across the walls and ceiling, or just highlight certain features of the room. Sphere Entertainments can install Mood Up Lighting to give your wedding or event a modern and elegant appearance to really WOW your guests.

Weddings – we match the shade of our Mood Up Lighting to your colour theme for the day.

Corporate Events – we enhance your company’s branding or colours scheme.

Dancing – The Mood Up Lighting becomes part of your overall lighting effects and are synced in with the Dance Floor Lighting effects. This creates an atmosphere that encourages dancing and keeps your dance floor rocking.

All our lighting effects are controlled by us, so they perfectly enhance the mood and momentum of your Wedding or Event at all times. Each of our lighting units is battery powered and wirelessly controlled. The benefit being no unsightly cables and each lighting unit can be placed almost anywhere in your venue or event space.

Fantastic Enhancements - Warren House Up Lighting
Fantastic Enhancements - Denbies Up Lighting Hire


Booking With Any DJ Package


(Any room size)

Stand Alone Hire

£150 – £400+

(Including delivery, installation, collection)


LED Starlit Dance Floor

Create your magical First Dance moment with stars twinkling beneath your feet.

Fantastic Enhancements at Woodlands Park Hotel | Dance Floor Hire

Thank you for helping us celebrate in style! We had an absolute blast and the Twinkly Dance Floor was just amazing – Christian & Bryony

Imagine stepping out for your first dance as a married couple, and the dance floor lights up. Twinkling like stars beneath your feet creating that magical moment that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Available in either Black or White a Starlit Dance Floor can create a attractive focal point and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

We can match our Starlit DJ Booth to the colour of your Starlit Dance Floor, creating a seamless and stylish look.

Northbrook Park Dance Floor Hire | Fantastic Enhancements
Froyle Park Dance Floor Hire |


(All sizes measured in feet)

Booking With Any DJ Package

12 x 12 – £300
14 x 14 – £400
16 x 16 – £500
18 x 18 – £600

Stand Alone Hire

12 x 12 – £400
14 x 14 – £500
16 x 16 – £600
18 x 18 – £700

(Including delivery, installation, collection & cleaning)


Giant LOVE Letters

Make a great focal point with our 4ft illuminated letters.

LOVE Letter Hire are Fantastic Enhancements

The LOVE Letters were great and really stood out – Stewart & Louise

The most important part of any wedding is of course Love!

Our giant 4ft LOVE letters create a spectacular and personal illuminated focal point for your wedding reception.

They have a WOW factor that creates a perfect backdrop for many fantastic photos throughout the day and evening.

Whether they are placed next to your Dance Floor or at your venue entrance as a welcome to your guests, our light up LOVE letters will add that extra enchantment to your wedding.

Fantastic Enhancements | LOVE Letter Hire Near Me
Sandford Springs Wedding DJ | Fantastic Enhancements


Booking With Any DJ Package


Stand Alone Hire


(Including delivery, installation, collection)


Selfie Wizard

The modern day fun alternative to disposable cameras.

Selfie Wizard Selfie - A Fantastic Enhancement

So glad we had the Selfie Wizard. All our guests commented on how much fun it was – David & Lisa

The Selfie Wizard is a unique and fun way for you to capture and keep photos taken by your guests. Your guests can instantly upload their photos to our large screen slideshow for all to see. Messages can also be written and instantly uploaded. All the pictures are stored on a USB stick for you to keep at the end of the evening.

Imagine a collection of photos from your wedding or event that your professional photographer could never possibly capture. Your guests will be taking all the fun and informal shots. Perhaps capture some dad dancing or one of the younger guests up to no good!

With the additional print option your pictures print out within seconds for your guests to keep. Photos can print with a personalised frame with your names and the date of your Wedding or Event. Add in the Guest Book option and it will be handed to you at the end of the evening with all your pictures.

The Selfie Wizard is a great way for you to capture lots of informal snapshots of your wedding or event. It’s the modern day alternative to the disposable camera and allows you to turn selfies into memories.

Why Hire A Selfie Wizard?

For You

Added entertainment.
Informal shots of your special day.
Digital copy of all the images and messages to keep on USB.
Duplicate prints in a guest book handed to you at the end of the evening.
Easy set up with minimal disruption.
Takes up very little room.

For Your Guests

It works with any smartphone and a wide range of mobile devices.
No apps or special software to download.
Quick, simple, and easy to use.
Optional instant prints to take away.
Can upload photos from earlier in the day, and print them when the Selfie Wizard arrives.

Selfie Wizard Wedding DJ | Fantastic Enhancements
Selfie Wizard Smile | Fantastic Enhancements


1, Digital Only

Large display screen
USB with all pictures & messages for you to keep
Up To 4 hours with operator

With any DJ package booking – £200

(Stand alone hire – £295)

2, Digital & Single Prints

Large display screen
USB with all pictures & messages for you to keep
Unlimited single prints
Up To 4 hours with operator

With any DJ package booking – £350

(Stand alone hire – £445)

3, Digital, Prints Photo Guest & Book

Large display screen
USB with all pictures & messages for you to keep
Unlimited prints
Photo Guest Book
Up To 4 hours with operator

With any DJ package booking – £450

(Stand alone hire – £545)


LED Starlit Backdrops

Beautiful starlit backdrops are a fantastic enhancement to your wedding or event space.

6x3m White Starlit Backdrop | Fantastic Enhancement

The star curtain looked fantastic – Christina & Anton

Create a Modern & Stylish look with our Fantastic Starlit Backdrops.

They can be used for Weddings or Events and are ideal for placing behind the top table or behind the DJ Booth.

Available in 2 sizes

3×2 meter (ideal for placing behind a DJ booth).
6×3 meter (ideal for placing behind a wedding top table or larger staging area).

Our starlit backdrops use free standing frames and are not hung from the ceiling so they can be positioned in any venue.

6x3m Black Starlit Backdrop Hire | Fantastic Enhancements
White Starlit Backdrop Hire


(All sizes measured in meters)

With Any DJ Package Booking

3 x 2 Black or White – £40
6 x 3 Black Starlit Backdrop – £100
6 x 3 White Starlit Backdrop – £180

Stand Alone Hire

6 x 3 Black Starlit Backdrop – £195
6 x 3 White Starlit Backdrop – £275

(Including delivery, installation, collection)


Tomfoolery Box

Tons of fun… in a box!

Tomfoolery Box - a Fantastic Enhancement

I still can’t believe how much fun the Tomfoolery box was – Vickie

This dangerous looking case with black & yellow warning tape and ‘keep out’ written all over is kept secretly hidden away from your guests. When the time is right it is carried by two volunteers to the very centre of your dance floor, much to the bemusement of all your guests. Then… we invite your guests to open the lid.

Watch in awe as the frenzy to grab the party items & inflatables begins and your party is elevated to another level! The contents will energise your Dance Floor and provide fantastic photo opportunities which ensures your party will be remembered!

The Tomfoolery box contains loads of stuff to ensure there’s something for everyone. Each box contains approximately 75 party props such as inflatable guitars, saxes, microphones, bongos, beat box, bananas, barbells, tommy guns, mad wigs, colourful hats, giant glasses, crazy hats, maracas, and more.

And the best bit… your guests get to KEEP whatever they have!

Make sure you capture all the fantastic photos with our awesome Selfie Wizard.

A Fantastic Enhancement with our Tomfoolery Fun
Fun In A Box



(When added to any of our Wedding DJ or Event DJ packages)


Dancing On The Clouds

Transform your Dance Floor with a beautiful sea of white clouds around your feet.

Dancing On The Clouds - Fantastic Enhancements

Dancing On The Clouds for our first dance was just magical! – Martin & Emma

Your First Dance is an immensely special moment and is much anticipated by your guests. Dancing on the Clouds is a beautiful visual effect that enhances this special heart stirring moment.

Create a breathtakingly beautiful scene with that little bit of magic thrown in as Bride and Groom dance together for the first time as husband and wife.

Enhance this moment even more with the clever use of Sphere Entertainments Mood Up Lighting to change the colour of your cloud. Or include a Starlit Dance Floor under your feet and see those stars shine through creating a magical look that will really add the WOW factor to your first dance.

Dancing on the Clouds is a special effect created by using a professional dry ice machine. It produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. It is perfectly safe, odourless and harmless and will not leave any residue or effect fire alarms. The cloud itself will feel cool around your feet and will naturally dissipate into a gas.

Our Dancing On The Clouds effect will last for approximately 3-5 minutes.

Dancing On The Clouds | Fantastic Enhancements
Dancing On The Clouds | Fantastic Enhancements



(When added to any of our Wedding DJ or Event DJ packages)


Custom Music Mix

Perfect for your special choreographed First Dance to wow your guests.

First Dance Mix - A Fantastic Enhancement

Thank you for such a great mix for our special First Dance. It was as awesome as we know it would be – Leon & Emma

If you’re ready to put on a show (even a little one), then a Custom Music Mix for your first dance is perfect.

So how does it work? Simply send us a list of songs you’d like to use. It can be just two, or up to ten. You can also include the timings for each portions of the songs you specifically want and the order you would like them played.

We’ll premix and edit your songs making sure transitions sound pleasant and are easy easy to anticipate. We can also incorporate any samples or effects you may wish to include.

You will receive the recording as an mp3 mix to listen to and approve. If you wish to make any changes simply let us know and we’ll re-edit your mix for you until it’s perfect.

It’s then over to you to come up with a dance routine. At your wedding reception, you blow your guests away with a fun surprise! It always gets a massive cheer! Trust us!

Fantastic Enhancement | First Dance Custom Mix
Grand Hotel Brighton Wedding DJ and a Fantastic Enhancement


2-4 songs + 3 re-edits = £25
5-7 songs + 3 re-edits = £50
8-10 songs + 3 re-edits = £75
10+ songs = £poa
Additional re-edits = £10 each



The classic Disco lighting enhancement.

Littleton House - Mirrorball - Fantastic Enhancements

Absolutely loved the glitter ball!! – Rob & Sarah

A Mirror Ball (or Glitter Ball) can add the finishing touch to the Dance Floor Lighting.

Whether it’s your Wedding or special Event a Mirror Ball is the classic disco effect that adds a touch of class.

It is suspended from it’s own mounting so it can go in almost any venue.

With our intelligent lighting control we can switch it on at the perfect moment, such as a first dance.

The colour of the lighting can also be change to match any colour themes or corporate colours.

Monks Barn Hurley Wedding DJ & A Fantastic Enhancement
Fantastic Enhancement at Froyle Park - Wedding DJ & Mirrorball



(When added to any of our Wedding DJ or Event DJ packages)


Ceremony Microphones

When you need to be heard.

Ceremony Mics - Fredricks Hotel | Fantastic Enhancements

The microphones were great, so glad we decided to have them – David & Lynsey

If your wedding ceremony is being held outside or in a large venue your guests may struggle to hear you speaking. If you are outside the sound quickly dissipates. If you are in a room with lots of people the sound can get absorbed.

We can help make your voices heard with our ceremony microphones & speaker system.

We can also play your ceremony music through the speakers.

Ceremony Microphone Hire - Warbrook House | Fantastic Enhancement
Wedding Ceremony Microphone Hire | Fantastic Enhancements



(When added to our Classic Wedding DJ package)


Custom Monogram

Personalise it, brand it, make it yours.

Custom Monogram | Fantastic Enhancements

Seeing our name up in lights was wonderful – Mike & Caroline

Whether it’s a Corporate Logo, an Awards Ceremony or your Wedding Day a custom Monogram Projection onto the ceiling, wall or dance floor of your venue is very memorable.

Popular for weddings you can have your Monogram projected on to the wall, the entrance or dance floor.

Your newly married name or initials alongside your wedding can date projected in your venue to make it truly unique.

Please note. Monograms are ideally projected onto flat dark surfaces such as dance floors, walls and ceilings. They do not project very well on curtains or draping. Monograms work best when projected in darker areas in the evening.

Custom Monogram Projection - Monks Barn - Fantastic Enhancement
Custom Monogram Projection Hire | Fantastic Enhancement



(When added to any of our Wedding DJ or Event DJ packages)


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Mirrorball image courtesy of
Sophie Duckworth